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At Foundation Healthcare, we believe that all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem must work closely together to deliver better value for the patients we care for.

Partner us to reimagine and build out the “foundation” for modern healthcare.

Together, let’s BUILD. BETTER.

We believe healthcare should be:


  • Finding a doctor appropriate for your needs and making the arrangements to see them should not require superhuman effort


  • All healthcare ecosystem partners must work together to reduce waste
  • Everyone should be able to afford good quality care


  • All healthcare ecosystem partners must work together to provide transparency on overall system performance
  • Service providers should provide evidence-based care with good outcomes
  • Patients should only utilise what they need

WHY we do WHAT we do?

We believe that healthcare systems need to deliver what truly matters to the individual and society: GOOD Health Outcomes – and we must do so cost effectively. The individual must be at the centre of everything that we do.

We can only be successful when all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem start to engage and commit to working together, to refocus healthcare on delivering VALUE.

Foundation Healthcare is taking the lead by investing directly in key components of the healthcare ecosystem:

That is the only way to ensure that healthcare remains relevant and sustainable.

We reduce fragmentation

Working with like-minded private specialists, Foundation Healthcare has formed one of the largest multi-specialty private specialist groups in Singapore.

Our aim is to be the largest multi-specialty private practice by 2027.

Foundation Healthcare is in the best position to support new specialists who are keen to start their private practices as well as existing private specialists who want to further develop their practices.

With our economies of scale and ability to coordinate complex care delivery pathways effectively, Foundation Healthcare will also be the most value-add partner for insurers and other third-party payors.

We extend our reach

In addition to outpatient services, the Foundation Healthcare network extends to Ambulatory Surgical Centres (ASCs) and other Allied Health Services through a combination of “own-and-operate” models and strategic partnerships. Having a bigger influence over the value stream enables us to manage costs better.

We amplify our abilities

We aggressively leverage technology to enable us to create maximum value. Data is used to improve our own care delivery processes and those of our partners.

Meet The Team

Liaw Yit Ming


  • Head of Strategic Planning and M&A for IHH Healthcare Berhad
  • VP Investments, Khazanah National Bhd

Dr Lee Hong Huei



  • Head of Southeast Asia, Parkway Group
  • CEO, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital
  • CEO, Mount Elizabeth Orchard Hospital
  • CEO, Gleneagles Hospital Singapore
  • CEO, Parkway Shenton Group (TPA, Insurance, primary care business)

Choy Shook Yee



  • Chief Officer, AIA Health Services Malaysia
  • CEO, Parkway East Hospital
  • COO, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

Leonard Ling

Chief Human Resource Officer


  • Regional Managing Director, IDS Medical Systems
  • Founder and Principal Consultant, Solutionsatwork
  • Global Head of Human Resources, World-Check
  • Director, Performance Improvement, Ernst and Young

Karen Lee

Director, Operations


  • Business Unit Lead, Johnson & Johnson
  • Business Development Manager, Parkway Pantai
  • Regional Business Development Manager, Singapore Medical Group

Jenny Lim

Group Financial Controller


  • Director of Finance, Singapore Women’s & Children’s Medical Group

Wei-en Lim

Director, Strategy


  • Associate Partner at Deloitte Consulting

Our (ever-growing) Specialist Network

General Surgery
Hand Surgery
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Orthopaedic Surgery
Paediatric Medicine
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