Inspiring Change.
Fostering Innovation.

At Foundation Healthcare, we believe that all stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem must work closely together to deliver maximum value and the best potential outcomes for patients.

By working closely, we are able to share knowledge and resources, and develop innovative solutions to current challenges and build a more efficient and compassionate healthcare system for all.

Our Ever-Growing Ecosystem.

Our Partners

Hospital-Based Clinics
Non-Hospital Based Clinics
Medical Centres
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CARE IVF is a medical centre offering a comprehensive range of fertility services and treatments. We use the latest Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and offer diagnostic workups as well as a full range of advanced therapeutic treatments.

Fetal Assessment Centre

Our Fetal Assessment Centre offers Maternal Fetal Medicine examinations and procedures that specialises in complex and high-risk obstetric care for complicated pregnancies, focusing on keeping both mother and baby healthy prior to, during and shortly after the pregnancy. In addition, our Centre provides the routine first trimester screening, routine mid-trimester fetal anomaly scans, prenatal diagnostic tests and other procedures performed by our experienced Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists and Obstetric sonographers.

Orchard Surgery Centre

Orchard Surgery Centre is a day surgery centre equipped with two large operating theatres with HEPA air filtration systems, one endoscopy theatre, four recovery beds and one recovery suite, for day surgery operations and out-patient procedures.

Hear From Our Specialist Doctors

Dr. Yeo Chong

Hand Surgery Associates
With Foundation Healthcare Since 2022

“They've truly changed how I think about the future of healthcare. Things run smoothly and I truly focus on our patients. All this have improved our care standards and for once I mean it when I say that I now use my medical skills where it matters most -with patients

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Dr. Charles Tsang

Colorectal Clinic Associates

“In an era where healthcare complexities pose challenges for stakeholders, Foundation Healthcare's exceptional leadership has been a beacon of simplicity. As a surgeon, their guidance and expertise have empowered me to focus on patient care. Together, we're shaping a new standard in healthcare, one that's patient-centric and forward-reaching."

Dr. Tan Ter Chyan

Hand Surgery Associates

“From the onset, Foundation Healthcare has designed a system centered around allowing healthcare professionals to collaborate closely, with a singular focus on enhancing patient care. Foundation places the patient at the heart of healthcare, allowing us practitioners to prioritise and concentrate on delivering quality care.”

Dr. Jonathan Tan

Foundation Healthcare AIC

“Foundation Healthcare has the ability to bring together stakeholders across different specialties and operational domains, and build safer systems of care with better outcomes. It allows me to contribute towards better patient care and outcomes beyond what I can achieve as an individual doctor. It’s akin to being with the “Avengers” of healthcare, to being in a “superheroes” team.”

Dr. Chang Tou Choong

SWC Gynae Associates

Having a centralised administration frees me to do what I do best - spend more time talking to my patients and understanding their concerns. I like the experienced administration team in Foundation - many are ex-CEOs / CFOs of the major private hospitals in Singapore and others have a lot of experience in Healthcare Insurance. It's a formidable team.”

Dr. Koh Cheng Huat

C H Koh Clinic For Women

“Being part of Foundation Healthcare allows doctors of the Singapore Women's and Children's Medical Group to provide total holistic medical care to our patients at a higher level. Foundation's strong leadership and its innovative and strategic cooperation with stakeholders and all other related parties have optimised delivery healthcare to our patients. I am honoured and proud to be associated with Foundation.”

Join Us. Together, We Can Build Better.

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